Thursday, October 13, 2016

Introduction to The Lost Trumbull.

The Lost Trumbull 

Since no memorial of stone exists for the LOST Trumbull, and Trumbull family genealogies and charts are either incorrect or omit the descendants of Joseph Trumble Jr. entirely, this blog is dedicated to my ancestral grandfather Joseph Trumble Jr. (1705-1731), eldest son and business partner of Captain Joseph Trumble Sr. (1678-1755), Patriarch of the Trumble/Trumbull family of Lebanon, Connecticut. Joseph Trumble Jr. was the older brother of Connecticut's Revolutionary War "Patriot Governor" Jonathan Trumbull Sr. (1710-1785).

Joseph Trumble Jr. of Lebanon married Sarah (Bulkeley) Trumble Welles (1702-1798), daughter of Rev. John Bulkeley of Colchester. They had two daughters:

1) Sarah Trumble (my ancestral grandmother), married (1) Elijah Johnson of Colchester, Connecticut, 
and (2) Deliverance Watrous.

2) Catherine (Kate) Trumble, married Benjamin Burnham.

Joseph Trumble Jr. was LOST at sea aboard the Trumbull family merchant vessel, Brigantine "Lebanon", which was bound for the West Indies in late December of 1731.

This blog through history, genealogy and photos will explore the Trumbull family of Lebanon, Connecticut, one of the most influential families of the town during the 18th century. This genealogy originally appeared in "The "Lost" Trumbull: The Descendants of Joseph Trumble Jr. (1705-1731) of Lebanon, Connecticut, the Eldest Son and Business Partner of Captain Joseph Trumble Sr. and Brother of Connecticut's Revolutionary War Governor, Jonathan Trumbull Sr.", by Lee Gerlander and Todd Gerlander, published in "The Connecticut Nutmegger", Volume 46, Number 3, December 2013, published by the Connecticut Society of Genealogists, Inc. The article was a culmination of decades of research and documentation, beginning back in the early 1970's on the Lebanon and Colchester Trumbull-Bulkeley-Johnson family connection.

It is my hope that this blog will correct a lot of undocumented and incorrect information, as well as provide new information on the Trumbull family of Lebanon, Connecticut. 

Todd Gerlander 


  1. I'm very interested in your blog - My husband is a descendant of the Higley family; this blog will help fill in a lot of blanks for us, as well! L. Stahr

    1. Working on a blog post for Captain John Higley now. Should be posted in a few days.