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Sarah (Bulkeley) Trumble Welles (1702-1798) of Colchester, Connecticut.

Bulkeley Family Tomb
(Tomb of my ancestral grandmother Sarah (Bulkeley) Trumble Welles)
Old Cemetery, Colchester, Connecticut 

SARAH BULKELEY, who was born at Colchester, Connecticut, 8 April 1702.[1] She died at Colchester in 1798 and was buried in the recently excavated and restored Bulkeley Family Tomb, Old Cemetery, Colchester.[2] She  married (1) at Lebanon on 20 November 1727, JOSEPH TRUMBLE JR.[3] who was born at Lebanon, Connecticut, 27 March 1705; apparently he was lost at sea about 28 December 1731, aboard the Brigantine Lebanon, bound for the West Indies.[4]

Sarah Bulkeley was the daughter of the Reverend John and Patience (Prentice) Bulkeley, granddaughter of the Reverend Gershom and Sarah (Chauncy) Bulkeley, and great-granddaughter of the Reverend Peter and his wife Grace (Chetwood) Bulkeley and the Reverend Charles and Catherine (Eyre) Chauncy.[5]  It was the Reverend Peter Bulkeley who gathered the twelfth church in the colony preaching "The Gospel Covenant" at Concord, Massachusetts.[6] The Reverend Charles Chauncy was the minister at Scituate and Plymouth, Massachusetts, and second president of Harvard College.[7]   

Sarah married (2) at Colchester 29 June 1738, JOHN WELLES of Colchester;[8] he was born 16 December 1693.[9] Issue from Sarah’s second marriage was Chauncey Welles, born at Colchester 1745; died at Colchester 26 January 1810.[10]

Children of Joseph Jr. and Sarah (Bulkeley) Trumble, all born in Lebanon, Connecticut:[11]

1) SARAH TRUMBLE, bpt. Lebanon First Congregational Church, 15 Sept. 1728. Married (1) Elijah Johnson of Colchester, Connecticut, and (2) Deliverance Watrous. 

2) KATHARINE TRUMBLE, bpt. Lebanon First Congregational Church, 23 May 1731. Married Benjamin Burnham. 


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