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The Lost Trumbull: The Descendants of Joseph Trumble, Jr. (1705-1731) of Lebanon, Connecticut.

The Lost Trumbull 

The following excerpt is taken from an article I co-authored titled, "The "Lost" Trumbull: The Descendants of Joseph Trumble Jr. (1705-1731) of LebanonConnecticut, the Eldest Son and Business Partner of Captain Joseph Trumble Sr. and Brother of Connecticut's Revolutionary War Governor, Jonathan Trumbull Sr.", by Lee Gerlander and Todd Gerlander, published in "The Connecticut Nutmegger", Volume 46, Number 3, December 2013, published by the Connecticut Society of Genealogists, Inc. The article was a culmination of decades of research, beginning back in the early 1970's on the Trumbull-Bulkeley-Johnson family connection. I included the first seven generations (pages 194-201) in this post which deal directly with the Trumbull-Bulkeley-Johnson families, including endnotes. I also corrected any edits, typos, etc., from the original publication.

Todd Gerlander 

THE "LOST" TRUMBULL: The Descendants of Joseph Trumble, Jr. 
(1705-1731) of Lebanon, Connecticut, 
the Eldest Son and Business Partner of Captain Joseph 
Trumble, Sr. and Brother of Connecticut’s Revolutionary War 
Governor, Jonathan Trumbull, Sr.

by Lee Gerlander and Todd Gerlander

Brigantine Lebanon

Author's Note: This article, with its focus on my ninth generation lineal ancestor Joseph Trumble Jr., eldest son of Captain Joseph Trumble Sr. of Lebanon, Connecticut, documents one line of descent through his eldest daughter, Sarah Trumble. Trumbull family genealogies and charts are either incorrect or omit the descendants of Joseph Trumble Jr. entirely. I propose to find the "lost" Trumble, and to set the record straight.

First Generation

"John Trumble, immigrant ancestor of this family, was a cooper, and came to New England from Newcastle-on-Tyne, Northumberland, England.  He settled at Rowley, [Massachusetts,] in 1640, and filled the offices of town clerk and schoolmaster."[1]

JOHN TRUMBLE was buried at Rowley, Massachusetts, 18:5m:1657 [18 July 1657].[2]  He had married in England, ELLINOR CHANDLER, who died at Rowley, 1648/49.[3]

Children of John and Ellinor (Chandler) Trumble, born England:[4]

1) BERIAH, b. Newcastle-on-Tyne, England, 1637; died in infancy.
2) JOHN, b. Newcastle-on-Tyne, England, 1639.

Children of John and Ellinor (Chandler) Trumble, born Rowley, Mass.: [5]

3) HANNA, b. 14:12m:1640 [14 Feb. 1640].
4) JUDAH, b. 3:4m:1643 [19 June 1643].
5) RUTH, b. 23:2m:1645 [23 April 1645].
6) JOSEPH, b. 29:3m:1647 [29 May 1647].

Second Generation

JOSEPH TRUMBLE was born at Rowley, Massachusetts, in 1647; he died at Suffield, Connecticut, 15 August 1684;[6]  he married at Rowley, 6 May 1669, HANNAH SMITH, daughter of Hugh Smith of Rowley.[7]

Children of Joseph Sr. and Hannah (Smith) Trumble, born at Rowley:[8]

1) JOHN, bpt. Rowley, Mass., 27 Nov. 1670. 
2) HANNAH, b. Rowley, 9 May 1673.
3) MARY, bpt. Rowley, 28 March 1675.

Children of Joseph Sr. and Hannah (Smith) Trumble, born at Suffield, Conn.:[9]

4) JOSEPH, b. 16 Jan. 1678.
5) AMMI [AMNEY], b. 1 Aug. 1681. 
6) BENONI, b. 10 Aug. 1684. 

Third Generation

CAPTAIN JOSEPH TRUMBLE SR. was born at Suffield, Connecticut, 16 January 1678; he died at Lebanon, Connecticut, 16 June 1755.[10]  He married at Simsbury, Connecticut, 31 August 1704, HANNAH HIGLEY;[11] she was born at Simsbury 22 April 1684, the daughter of Capt. John and Hannah (Drake) Higley;[12] died at  Lebanon, 7 November 1768.[13]

Captain Joseph Trumble Sr. was the patriarch of the Lebanon branch of the Trumble/Trumbull family. In 1704 he moved to Lebanon and purchased land there. He later purchased the house and property of the Reverend Joseph Parsons, first minister of Lebanon.[14]  In 1718, "This Assembly do establish and confirm Mr. Joseph Trumble Lieutenant of the Troop raised in the county of New London."[15] The year 1727 is the traditional date for when Captain Joseph Trumble Sr. built or purchased the Trumble storehouse/shop, which later became the war office of his son, Governor Jonathan Trumbull Sr., during the American Revolution.[16] In May 1728  "This Assembly do establish and confirm Mr. Joseph Trumbull to be Captain of the Troop in the County of Windham, and order that he be commissioned accordingly."[17]  

In 1740 Captain Joseph Trumble Sr. built the Trumbull House.[18] "Various trades were carried on here. Cloth was woven, and leather was tanned; boots and shoes were made to order by the town shoemaker, who took the measure of the feet needing to be shod; saddles and harnesses were made by the saddler; axes, hoes, scythes were fashioned at other shops; barrels and casks were turned out by the cooper; greater activity doubtless being lent to the town by the extensive commerce of land and sea carried on under Capt. Joseph Trumbull."[19]

Below are the tombstone inscriptions of Captain Joseph Trumble, Sr. and his wife Hannah (Higley) Trumbull.[20]

Here lies the body of
Capt. Joseph Trumble
One of the Fathers of ye town and
Just Friend to it, of a compassionate
Kind deposition who after a short
Illness departed this life in the hope
Of a better June 16. 1755 in the 77th year of his age.


Here are deposited the remains of
Mrs. Hannah Trumbull, late wife of Capt. Joseph Trumbull, Daughter of John
Higley of Simsbury Esqur. Whom came from
Frimley in ye County of Surrey by Mrs. Hannah
Drake his first wife. She was born
At Windsor 22d April 1683, Died at
Lebanon 8 Nov. 1768, aged 85 years. 6 mo. & 15 days.

Children of Joseph Sr. and Hannah (Higley) Trumble, all born in Lebanon, Connecticut:[21]

1) JOSEPH JR., b. 27 March 1705.
2) JONATHAN SR., b. 12 Oct. 1710, Connecticut Revolutionary War Governor.
3) MARY, b. 21 Aug. 1713 or 1714.
4) HANNAH, b. 1715.
5) HANNAH, b. 18 Sept. 1717.
6) ABIGAIL, b. 6 March 1718/19.
7) JOHN, b. 1722, died young.
8) DAVID, b. 8 Sept. 1723; d. 9 July 1740.

Fourth Generation

JOSEPH TRUMBLE JR. was born at Lebanon, Connecticut, 27 March 1705; apparently he was lost at sea about 28 December 1731, aboard the Brigantine Lebanon, bound for the West Indies.[22] He married at Lebanon on 20 November 1727, SARAH BULKELEY, [23]  who was born at Colchester, Connecticut, 8 April 1702. [24] She died at Colchester in 1798 and was buried in the recently excavated and restored Bulkeley Family Tomb, Old Cemetery, Colchester. [25]

Sarah Bulkeley was the daughter of the Reverend John and Patience (Prentice) Bulkeley, granddaughter of the Reverend Gershom and Sarah (Chauncy) Bulkeley, and great-granddaughter of the Reverend Peter and his wife Grace (Chetwood) Bulkeley and the Reverend Charles and Catherine (Eyre) Chauncy.[26]  It was the Reverend Peter Bulkeley who gathered the twelfth church in the colony preaching "The Gospel Covenant" at Concord, Massachusetts.[27] The Reverend Charles Chauncy was the minister at Scituate and Plymouth, Massachusetts, and second president of Harvard College.[28]   

Sarah married (2) at Colchester 29 June 1738, JOHN WELLES of Colchester;[29] he was born 16 December 1693.[30] Issue from Sarah’s second marriage was Chauncey Welles, born at Colchester 1745; died at Colchester 26 January 1810.[31]

"Here, in this same year [1705], was born his [Joseph Sr.’s] eldest son Joseph, destined to a short career with a sad ending; for at the age of twenty-seven, on a foreign voyage in the interest of  his father’s growing business, he was lost at sea, leaving a widow with two daughters. Doubtless he had become, at this time, his father’s right-hand man, and doubtless too, much of the father’s success and prosperity were due to this son."[32] 

On 1 September 1727 Joseph Trumble Jr. purchased twenty-four acres of land in Lebanon from his father Captain Joseph Trumble Sr. for 300 pounds. Captain Joseph Trumble Sr. also conferred one-third ownership of a mill which is on the said property.[33] Also in 1727 Joseph Trumble Jr. purchased one acre of land in Lebanon from his father Captain Joseph Trumble Sr. for one hundred pounds. [34]

In October 1730, "This Assembly do establish and confirm Mr. Joseph Trumble, Jun., of Lebanon, to be Quarter Master of the Troop in the County of Windham, and order that he be commissioned accordingly."[35] 

Joseph Trumble Jr. was in partnership with his father, Joseph Trumble, Sr., the business being called, "Trumble & Son."  "Mr. Trumbull (Joseph Trumble Jr.) was a merchant in company with his father (Joseph Trumble Sr.). He left New London for the West Indies on 23 Dec. 1731, and five days after “was not seen or heard of."[36] His brother Jonathan Trumbull became the famous "War Governor" of Connecticut, and a cousin, John Trumbull, was the Revolutionary poet."[37] 

"To the Honorable Superior Court holden at New London legal term 1735.  The humble request of Ann Griffin of New London in New London County: follows in these words (undecipherable word here) whereas your honorable petitioner husband Samuel Griffin sailed out of this port of New London as mate on board the Brigantine called Lebanon whereof Mr. Benjamin Shapley of said New London was then Master on the 29th day of December 1731. to which said vessel was bound for the Island of Barbadoes from there to Sal Tortuga and so back to this Port of New London. fore of which vessel masts master & mariners there hath been no intelligence since their departure from New London aforesaid except what was heard five days after such their departure concerning this report by one Captain Boulder till then accompanying them in their passage. But left them in great distress in a storm. Since with no account is given of them. When now is almost four years. Why it is now beyond doubt that your honorable petitioner husband is dead.
Wherefore the news to this Honorable Court that according to one certain law of this Colony page 224/225 – she may be esteemed single and unmarried and may have the liberty with and by said statute this Honorable Court are authorized to grant and your honorable petition as is duty bound with due prayer.

Mrs. Griffing"[38] 

Children of Joseph Jr. and Sarah (Bulkeley) Trumble, all born in Lebanon, Connecticut:[39]

1) SARAH TRUMBLE, bpt. Lebanon First Congregational Church, 15 Sept. 1728. 
2) KATHARINE TRUMBLE, bpt. Lebanon First Congregational Church, 23 May 1731. 

Fifth Generation

1) SARAH TRUMBLE, baptized at Lebanon First Congregational Church, Lebanon, Connecticut, 15 September 1728, died about 1810;[40] she married (1) ELIJAH JOHNSON, about 1743/44,[41] who was born at Colchester, Connecticut, 20 September 1718, son of John and Mary (Ramsey) Johnson;[42] he died at Colchester 28 August 1755.[43] Sarah married (2) DELIVERANCE WATERS or "WATROUS," after 1760.[44] 

Sarah (Trumble) Johnson was named in her grandfather, Captain Joseph Trumble Sr.’s will: "To my Grandaughters Sarah & Katherine Trumble the Daughters of my son Joseph I give twenty five pounds apiece old tenor to be paid them out of my moveable estate by my Executor."[45] Sarah Trumble signed the discharge on 1 March 1756 as Sarah Johnson.[46] 

In 1755, Sarah (Trumble) Johnson signs an administration bond with her mother’s brother Oliver Bulkeley in her late husband, Elijah Johnson’s estate.[47]  

In 1759 Captain Peter Bulkeley of Colchester, Connecticut, became the legal guardian of the children of Sarah (Trumble) Johnson and the late Elijah Johnson also of Colchester. Their great-uncle, Captain Peter Bulkeley, was the brother of their grandmother, Sarah (Bulkeley) (Trumble) Welles. Their uncle John Johnson of Colchester, Elijah Johnson’s brother, witnessed and signed the bond.[48]

On May 15, 1809, Sarah "Watrous," the late Sarah Johnson, sells her dower rights from the estate of her late husband Elijah Johnson of Colchester.[49] 

Children of Elijah and Sarah (Trumble) Johnson, all born in Colchester, Connecticut:[50]

1) CATHERINE, b. 1 Aug. 1744; bpt. 14 Sept. 1746.
2) LUCY, bpt. 13 March 1748.
3) JOSEPH, b. 17 June 1750; bpt. 29 Jul 1750; d. 17 Nov. 1808.
4) GURDON, b. 3 Nov 1752; bpt. 1752; d. 21 Oct. 1786.
5) ELIJAH, bpt. 4 Jan. 1756.

Children of Deliverance Waters "Watrous" and Sarah (Trumble) (Johnson) Waters "Watrous":[51]


Concerning the marriage of Elijah Johnson and Sarah Trumbull: The signature used by Sarah (Trumble) Johnson in signing for her portion of her grandfather, Captain Joseph Trumble, Sr.’s estate and the signature used by Sarah (Trumble) Johnson, signing for her portion of her late husband, Elijah Johnson’s estate, appear identical.

In The Genealogy of Captain John Johnson of Roxbury, Massachusetts: Generations I to XIV (Los Angeles, Calif.: Commonwealth Press, 1951), the author Paul Franklin Johnson incorrectly lists Sarah Hopson as the wife of Elijah Johnson. This genealogy lists the birth date of this Sarah Hopson as 29 January 1727. However, both Gordon Hopson Tully’s The Hopson Family of Colchester, Conn., 1700-1760/1770 ([Upper Montclair, N.J.: Tully, 1974?]), a typescript at the Connecticut State Library, Hartford, and the Connecticut Vital Records (Barbour Collection): Colchester 1699-1850 list her birth date as 29 January 1737.  The latter source also lists her older sister Betty/Elizabeth’s birth date as 16 February 1735 (p. 87).  If the marriage between Elijah Johnson and Sarah Hopson were correct, Sarah would have been nine years old when her supposed first child Catherine was baptized on 14 September 1746 (Records of the First Church of Colchester, Connecticut).[53] Johnson’s genealogy provides no evidence or proof for this marriage.

In fact, Sarah Hopson married Asa Clark on 4 December 1755 in Colchester, Connecticut.[54]  In the church marriage record she is listed as Sarah Hopson, not as Sarah Johnson, nor is the term "widow" used as in other such entries. It is also questionable that Sarah Hopson, a woman in mourning, would re-marry less than four months after the death of her first husband.[55]

2) CATHERINE (KATE) TRUMBLE, baptized at Lebanon First Congregational Church, Lebanon, Connecticut, 23 May 1731; she died 2 July 1803[56] aged 72 and is buried in the Andover Road Cemetery, Hebron, Connecticut.[57] Catherine married at Colchester about 1770, BENJAMIN BURNHAM,[58] who died in 1772, lost at sea.[59]

Child of Benjamin and Catherine (Trumble) Burnham:[60]

1)  JOSEPH TRUMBULL BURNHAM, b. at Colchester, Conn., 3 Feb. 1773; d. 1 March 1852. 

Sixth Generation

JOSEPH JOHNSON, born at Colchester 17 June 1750, was baptized at Colchester First Congregational Church, 29 July 1750;[61] he died at Colchester 17 November 1808, "Killed by a cart running over him"[62] and was buried at Old Cemetery, Colchester.[63] Joseph was married by the Rev. Ephraim Little at Colchester First Congregational Church, Colchester, 25 February 1779, to JERUSHA FOOTE;[64] she was born at Colchester 2 March 1755, daughter of Charles Foote Sr. and Jerusha Chamberlain of Colchester;[65] she died at Coventry, Chenango County, New York, 21 January 1831.[66]

Joseph Johnson was a veteran of the American Revolution. He served as a corporal in Captain Nathaniel Webb’s company, Colonel John Durkee’s Fourth Connecticut Regiment of the Continental Line. He served from 1 March 1777 to 1 March 1780.  He re-enlisted and was appointed corporal 1 May 1780 in Captain Andrew Fitch’s Company of the Fourth Connecticut Regiment for a term of seventeen months and was discharged 30 September 1781.[67]

Children of Joseph and Jerusha (Foote) Johnson, all born in Colchester, Connecticut:[68]

1) DEMIS, b. 17 June 1779.
2) ELISHA, b. 6 Dec. 1780.
3) GURDON, b. 3 Nov. 1782; d. 21 Oct. 1786.
4) CLARISSA, b. 11 Dec. 1784.
5) LOIS, b. 14 Sept. 1786.
6) GURDON, 20 Aug. 1788.
7) RALPH, 9 Feb. 1791.
8) THEODOCIA, 10 March 1793.
9) WILLIAM, 11 March 1795.
10) JERUSHA, 14 Oct. 1798.

Seventh Generation

DEMIS JOHNSON, born in Colchester 17 June 1779; died in Manchester, Connecticut, 11 July 1856;[69] married at Lisbon, Connecticut, 20 October 1803, JACOB CUTLER,[70] born in Sprague, Connecticut, 27 April 1780, son of Samuel and Jerusha (Parrish) Cutler;[71] he died in Manchester 14 Oct. 1842.[72]

Jacob Cutler served as a private in Captain Newhall Taintor’s company, First Regiment (Brainerd’s) Connecticut Militia during the War of 1812.  He was on duty in New London, Connecticut (Fort Trumbull) from 18 August 1814 to 27 October 1814.[73]

Children of Jacob and Demis (Johnson) Cutler:[74]

4) CLARISSA ELIZABETH, b. 2 May 1807.[75]


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