Thursday, November 17, 2016

Gravestone of Lt. Col. Jonathan Trumbull, Jr., Governor of Connecticut.

Gravestone of Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Trumbull, Jr.
Governor of Connecticut
Trumbull Cemetery, Lebanon, Connecticut 

My ancestral first cousin, Jonathan Trumbull, Jr., ". . . was born March twenty-sixth, 1740, and was baptized Jonathan, after his father. Like his elder brother, he too was destined to a remarkable career -- like him to enter with zeal into the cause of his country when the War for Independence began, but in different departments of duty -- soon to become in this war Paymaster-General for the Northern Department of the American Army -- then Private Secretary to the Commander-in-chief of all the American Armies -- next, surviving the war, to become a member of the first House of Representatives of the United States -- then Speaker of this House -- next a Senator of the United States -- and last, succeeding his father, after a few years, as Governor of his native State, to expire, at a good old age, with the mantle of gubernatorial power still wrapped around him."[1]

1. Life of Jonathan Trumbull, Sen., Governor of Connecticut, I.W. Stuart, Crocker and Brewster, Boston, 1859, pg. 41.

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