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Joseph's Farewell - December 29, 1731.

Joseph's Farewell - December 29, 1731

Pencil Sketch of Joseph Trumble, Jr. (my ancestral grandfather), age 26, son of Captain Joseph Trumble, Sr., and his wife Hannah Higley. He set sail from the Port of New London aboard the Trumbull family merchant vessel, the brigantine "Lebanon", bound for the West Indies, December 29, 1731. It was reported five days later by a Captain Boulder, who witnessed the "Lebanon" in "great distress in a storm." Neither the ship or crew were ever seen or heard of again, and were considered "lost at sea".

" . . . on a foreign voyage in the interest of his father's growing business, he was lost at sea, leaving a widow with two daughters. Doubtless he had become, at this time, his father's right-hand man, and doubtless too, much of the father's success and prosperity were due to this son."[1]

". . , but no tidings of that brother, ship, or cargo reached the family evermore. For a time there was a forlorn hope that the ship might have been captured by the Algerine pirates who then infested the seas and held for ransom, but even this hope soon withered and died. The stricken father, doubly bereaved by the loss of his first-born son and of his property by a single blow, appealed to his next son, Jonathan, to come to his aid and rescue."[2]

Joseph Trumble, Jr., was commissioned Quartermaster of the Windham County Troop of Horse in October 1730. He was the eldest son and business partner of Captain Joseph Trumble, Sr., Patriarch of the Trumbull family of Lebanon, Connecticut. He was also the older brother of Connecticut's Revolutionary War Patriot Governor, Jonathan Trumbull, Sr. 

He left behind his wife, Sarah Bulkeley, the daughter of the Reverend John Bulkeley, First Minister at Colchester, Connecticut, and two young daughters, Sarah and Catherine Trumble.


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