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Trumbull Family Tomb, Lebanon, Connecticut.

Trumbull Family Tomb
Trumbull Cemetery, Lebanon, Connecticut

Burial site of Jonathan Trumbull, Sr., Connecticut's Revolutionary War Patriot Governor.

"Sacred to the memory of Jonathan Trumbull, Esq.
who, unaided by birth or powerful connections,
but blessed with a noble and virtuous mind,
arrived to the highest station in government.
His patriotism and firmness during 50 years of employment in public life,
and particularly in the very important part he acted in the American Revolution,
as Governor of Connecticut, the faithful page of History will record.
Full of years and honors, rich in benevolence,
and firm in the faith and hopes of Christianity,
he died Aug. 9th, 1785, Aetatis 75."[1]

"Among all the Governors of the thirteen states, his excellency Governor Trumbull alone was found a firm patriot, determined to abide by the liberties of his country, whatever might be the event. And he failed not to carry into execution, what he had so deliberately and heartily resolved. During the whole controversy, amidst the darkest scenes, he remained steadfast in the glorious cause, invariably pursuing the grand end in view, and trusting in GOD Almighty, to carry it into effect.

Thus like Moses he was wise and faithful; and like him, I may also add, he was indefatigable and laborious. He spared not himself that he might serve his country. Laying aside all private business, divesting himself of all secular concerns, but what pertained to his office and the public, besides attending on stated and public assemblies, he sat ONE THOUSAND DAYS IN COUNSEL!"[2]

Upon hearing of the Governor's death in 1785, George Washington wrote:

"A long and well spent life in the service of his country, justly entitled him to the first place among patriots."[3]

"The Trumbull tomb at Lebanon was erected in 1785, soon after the death of the great "war Governor," by his three then surviving sons, Jonathan, David, and John. Within this family mausoleum rest the sacred ashes of more of the illustrious dead than in any other in the State, or perhaps the country."[4]


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