Friday, December 2, 2016

Memorial to Faith Robinson Trumbull, wife of Governor Jonathan Trumbull, Sr.

Memorial to Faith Robinson Trumbull (1718-1780)

Memorial to Faith Robinson Trumbull, wife of Jonathan Trumbull, Sr., Revolutionary War Governor of Connecticut. Trumbull family tomb, Trumbull Cemetery, Lebanon, Connecticut. 

"On one occasion, Madam Faith Trumbull rose up in Lebanon meeting house, where a collection was being made for the army, took from her shoulders a magnificent scarlet cloak, which had been made a present to her from Count de Rochambeau, the commander-in chief of the French allied army, and advancing to the alter, gave it as her offering to the gallant men who were fighting not only the British, but terrible want and suffering. The fine cloak was cut into narrow strips and used as red trimmings for the uniforms of the soldiers. The romantic impression of Madam Trumbull's act kindled warm enthusiasm in the congregation and an enormous collection was taken, packed carefully, and sent to the army."[1]

1. Our Neighborhood Churches During The American Revolution, Mrs. Albert Hastings Pitkin, The Connecticut Quarterly, An Illustrated Magazine, Devoted to the Literature, History and Picturesque Features of Connecticut, Vol. III, January to December, 1897, Hartford, Conn., pages 432-433.

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