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Colonel John Trumbull, Artist of the American Revolution (1756-1843)

"An engraving after Trumbull's painting of the American victory at Princeton." [1] 

Colonel John Trumbull
The Artist of the American Revolution

Son of Jonathan Trumbull, Sr. (1710-1785), Connecticut's "Patriot" Governor during the American Revolution.

My ancestral first cousin, Colonel John Trumbull, "was born June sixth, 1756, and was baptized John. Remarkable indeed was his destiny! Like his brothers he also was to be linked in with the Revolution, but in different and novel forms. He was to become, in the first year of the War, Aid-de-Camp to the illustrious Commander-in-chief of our armies -- in the second year, was to be Deputy Adjutant General to General Gates in the Northern Department -- was to experience actual service in the battle-field, amid the dying and the dead -- but more than all, was to become, through his pencil, the world-renowned graphic historiographer of the great events and characters, civil as well as military, of that struggle in which he himself bore a conspicuous part."[2]

Colonel John Trumbull was born in The Governor Jonathan Trumbull House (pictured below) on West Town Street, owned and maintained by the Connecticut Daughters of the American Revolution. John Trumbull's father Gov. Jonathan Trumbull, Sr. inherited the house in 1755 upon the death of his father, and John's grandfather, Captain Joseph Trumble, Sr., Patriarch of the Trumble/Trumbull family of Lebanon, Connecticut (my ancestral grandfather). Captain Joseph Trumble, Sr. had the house built in 1735/40. The House originally stood on the corner of Town Street and the Colchester Road (Route 207), facing the Colchester Road. The Trumbull family store which later became the "War Office" stood on the West side of the house also facing the Colchester Road. The house was moved to its current location in 1824, and the War Office was moved twice, first in 1824, and again in 1844 to its present location, also on West Town Street.   

The Governor Jonathan Trumbull House
Lebanon, Connecticut 

Engravings after Trumbull's Revolutionary War Paintings [1]

1. The American Revolution, A Picture Sourcebook, John Grafton, Dover Publications, Inc., New York, 1975. 
2. Life of Jonathan Trumbull, Sen., Governor of Connecticut, I.W. Stuart, Crocker and Brewster, Boston, 1859, pg. 58.

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