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Colonel Ethan Allen and Governor Jonathan Trumbull

Ethan Allen and Governor Jonathan Trumbull

The Capture of Fort Ticonderoga, an engraving after a painting by Alonzo Chappel.[1]

"In the name of the great Jehovah, and the Continental Congress."[2]

On orders dated, "Ticonderoga, May 10th, 1775."[3] Addressed to, "To Col. Ethan Allen: --

Sir, -- Whereas, agreeable to the Power and Authority to us given by the COLONY OF CONNECTICUT, we have appointed you to take the command of a party of men, and reduce and take possession of the garrison of Ticonderoga and its dependencies.  And, as you are now in possession of the same, you are hereby directed to keep the command of said garrison, for the use of the American Colonies, till you have further orders from the Colony of Connecticut, or from the Continental Congress. 

Signed per order of the Committee,
EDWARD MOTT, Chairman of Committee."[4]

Green Mountain Boys Flag

"Colonel Ethan Allen to Governor Trumbull.

Ticonderoga, 12th May, 1775.

Hon'ble Sir: - I make you a present of a Major a Captain and two Lieutenants in the regular Establishment of George the Third. I hope they may serve as ransoms for some of our friends at Boston, and particularly for Capt. Brown, of Rhode Island. A party of men, under the command of Capt. Herrick, has took possession of Skenesborough, imprisoned Major Skene, and seized a schooner of his. I expect, in ten days' time, to have it rigged, manned and armed with six or eight pieces of cannon, which, with the boats in our possession, I purpose to make an attack on the armed sloop of George the Third, which is now cruising on Lake Champlain, and is about twice as big as the schooner. I hope in a short time to be authorized to acquaint your Honour, that Lake Champlain, and the fortifications thereon, are subject to the Colonies. 
The enterprise has been approbated by the officers and soldiery of the Green Mountain Boys, nor do I hesitate as to the success. I expect lives must be lost in the attack, as the commander of George's sloop is a man of courage, etc.
Messrs. Hickok, Halsey and Nichols have the charge of conducting the officers to Hartford. These gentlemen have been very assiduous and active in the late expedition. 
I depend upon your Honour's aid and assistance in a situation so contiguous to Canada.

I subscribe myself, your Honour's faithful,
                                                   Most obedient and humble servant,
                                       Ethan Allen, At present Commander of Ticonderoga.
To the Hon'ble Jonathan Trumbull, Esq.,
                         Capt. General and Governor of the Colony of Connecticut."[5]

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Included are photos from several events related to Colonel Ethan Allen. Both Ethan Allen and Seth Warner were born in Connecticut, and Vermont was originally called "New Connecticut."

I commanded the New England Contingent, Living History/Color Guard Unit of the New England District of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution from October 1999 to October 2006. Under Lossing's version of the Bunker Hill, or New England flag, we participated in and commemorated Revolutionary War events in all 6 of the New England States.

The Great Northern March - Fort Ticonderoga to Fort Crown Point
May 4, 2001 - May 6, 2001
New York

~ On May 5th we marched the 15 miles between Fort Ticonderoga and Fort Crown Point ~

Members of the New England Contingent, Living History/Color Guard Unit of the New England District of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, on the Old Military Road on the march between Fort Ticonderoga and Fort Crown Point, New York.

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The Vermont Society of the Sons of the American Revolution
 Ethan Allen Tower Celebration
Ethan Allen Park
Burlington, Vermont 

August 13, 2005

Pictured are participants with Vermont Governor James Douglas

It was an honor to be named on the Ethan Allen Tower Centennial Celebration plaque

Musket salute from the top of the Ethan Allen Tower overlooking Lake Champlain

The Vermont Society of the Sons of the American Revolution
 Ethan Allen Wreath Laying Ceremony at Ethan Allen's Grave Site
Green Mount Cemetery, Burlington, Vermont

August 13, 2005 


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"The memory of the American Revolution will be immortal, 
and will immortalize those who record it."
- Thomas Jefferson

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